Zeno's mission is to increase children's competence and confidence in math with fun and engaging activities. We serve early learners and elementary school aged children in the communities with the greatest need, and envision a world in which everyone knows they can do math.

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Website: http://zenomath.org
Address: 1404 E Yesler Way Suite 204
Seattle, WA 98122-5579
Email: info@zenomath.org
Phone Number: 206-325-0774
EIN: 20-5570858
Too often we hear comments such as, "I've never been good at math," or "I'm not a math person." The prevalence of such comments is a symptom of a negative math culture where kids come to believe that math is tedious and inaccessible. Students fail to develop strong math skills and fall behind grade level. Starting behind in math not only prevents future academic success, it closes doors to students from communities who have historically been denied opportunities in STEM careers. Zeno is working to change these numbers by partnering with the adults in kids' lives to provide hands-on math games that spark curiosity and help to create the next generation of scientists, engineers, and citizens ready to discover solutions for local and global problems.

Zeno aims to make math accessible, engaging and enjoyable, resulting in improved math confidence and competence early in life. If we want everyone to succeed in math, we must encourage children, families, and teachers to explore math in ways that are meaningful to them and emphasize its relevancy beyond the classroom. Our programs give families and caregivers of preschoolers the tools and training to encourage early math exploration, giving kids the opportunity to arrive at kindergarten ready to succeed. Through our partner organizations, we distribute Math Game Kits to families and provide professional development for early learning providers.