Youth Eastside Services

Youth Eastside Services (YES) is a lifeline for kids and families facing challenges such as emotional distress, substance abuse and violence. Through intervention, outreach and prevention, YES builds confidence and responsibility, strengthens family relationships and advocates for a safer community that cares for its youth.

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Address: 999 164th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98008
Phone Number: 425-747-4937
EIN: 91-0849093
Since 1968, donors like you have provided a lifeline for East King County children, teens and families in crisis by supporting the work of Youth Eastside Services (YES).

Every year, YES provides comprehensive, evidence-based behavioral health care for thousands of youth struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, grief and other devastating issues. In 2017, YES touched nearly 80,000 lives - from drug and alcohol education at school assemblies, to intensive counseling for young people who have considered suicide.

YES is the only youth-specializing, state-licensed Community Mental Health Center and state-certified Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment Program with a sliding payment scale that goes all the way down to zero, meaning families are never turned away because of their inability to pay for services.

YES serves all of the Eastside's diverse and growing population. As of 2017:
- 25% of the youth in our BGLAD LGBTQ+ support group identified as transgender
- 33% of our clients reported Hispanic/Latino ethnicity
- more than 60% of our clients reported low income
- since 2016, we have seen a 33% increase in the numbers of youth, and their family members, seeking services