Young Strings Project Outreach/WIWS

The YSPO mission is to enhance the lives of youth with limited access to classical music in the Seattle area. The World Youth Orchestra project builds confidence, self-discipline, creativity, new perspectives, and deeper community connections in its participants by providing, without charge, classical music instruction, both instrumental and orchestra, and engaging classical music experiences.

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Address:2839 NW 73rd St
Seattle, WA 98117-6254
Phone Number:360-202-5255
Most recently, Seattle's PBS television station KCTS produced and aired a special documentary about YSPO's World Youth Orchestra conductor Paula Nava Madrigal. It can be seen at
In 2015-16 and 2016-17 YSPO received two Youth Arts grants totaling $18,000 from the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, and we have re-applied for a two-year grant of $6,000 for 2017-18 and 2018-19. We have also received two Seattle Peoples Fund grants totaling $5,500 as well as two D'Addario Foundation grants totaling $6,000.
YSPO depends heavily on its volunteers, fiscal agent services, and in-kind venue rental donations. Casa Latina in Seattle provides space for our most important project, the World Youth Orchestra, which holds its weekly two-hour Saturday afternoon rehearsals for the continuing orchestra, plus a one-hour session for the beginning orchestra at Casa Latina.
Since 2006 YSPO has received over $100,000 in grant funds and has provided thousands of hours of classical instrument instruction, without charge, to youth who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to play a classical instrument or perform in an ensemble. Students who have music experiences like the ones we provide see the world and their place in it quite differently. Learning to play a classical instrument and participating in an ensemble quite literally has the power to change the trajectory of young lives. Only a few participants will become serious musicians, but many will become serious, committed members of their families, communities and professions as a result. Our programs, with a special focus on immigrant and refugee youth, develop skills required as members of an ensemble, not just as individuals. YSPO understands that youth with social and economic challenges need strong role models and caring individuals as their teachers. Committed to social justice and inclusion in music education, our teaching artists are accomplished professional musicians with years of experience teaching disadvantaged and under-served youth, in English and Spanish. Each year our programs, including the World Youth Orchestra, have given hundreds of hours of free classical instrument instruction as well as ensemble/orchestral experiences to deserving young musicians. Since 2014 the World Youth Orchestra program has provided individual and ensemble instruction, without charge, after school and on Saturdays to Seattle-area youth with limited access and resources.