WACAP (World Association for Children an Parents)

WACAP is a champion for children, finding and preparing permanent families, and offering lifelong support after adoption.

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Website: http://www.wacap.org
Address: PO Box 88948
Seattle, WA 98138-2948
Email: wacap@wacap.org
Phone Number: 206-575-4550
EIN: 91-0962079
WACAP's Every Child Fund fuels efforts ensuring that all children, regardless of age, location or health status, have a chance at joining a permanent and loving family.

When you donate to the Every Child Fund, it enables WACAP to reduce or eliminate barriers that stand between a child and their future family. With the aid of this fund we're able to:

Advocate: Many potential adoptive families have never considered adopting a child with special medical or developmental needs. WACAP works on behalf of these children, to match them with the permanent families they deserve.

Innovate: WACAP employs technology, social media and networking to find new ways to spread the word about children who continue to wait for families.

Connect: our dedicated team of family finders is able to reach out to hundreds of potential families for a child with the click of a button, through online and special interest groups, and our own network of previous adoptive families.

Create: Our staff and volunteers compile medical and background information, as well as photos and videos to create a compelling file for each child in need of a family.

Fund: When finances are the last remaining barrier between a child and their family, these resources will make permanency a real possibility.

At the heart of the Every Child Fund is WACAP's belief that there truly is a family for every child, and with the right people and the right tools in place, that family can always be found.