West Hill Community Association

A nonprofit powered by volunteers whose purpose is to serve, protect and improve the community

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Address:PO BOX 78583
Seattle, WA 98178
Phone Number:218-340-9035
We're always looking for ways to improve our area and connect with our neighbors, from showcasing the enormous talent and dedication of those who join our West Hill Action Mob (WHAM) community action parties and amplifying local representation for our unincorporated residents to watching in amazement as local families fill up a parking lot for our annual Skyway Outdoor Cinema - we love this place. As a tiny all-volunteer nonprofit in an unincorporated and much-neglected area, we do a lot with very little. We greatly value every one of our donors and volunteers, and they know that their investment goes directly back into their community - into remarkably real change they can see and experience in their very own neighborhood.