Thank You For the GIVEBIG Magic!


When we launched GIVEBIG in 2011, we knew it had a chance to be something special.  The nonprofits quickly embraced the idea of a giving day and the community energized around the idea of unifying around the broad spectrum of causes that make Greater Seattle so special. That said, we never envisioned that it would grow to be as big and special as it became.


With the support of nonprofits, donors, corporate partners and others, GIVEBIG generated more than $113 million for more than 2,000 different nonprofit organizations during its tenure. With donations as small as $5 and as large as $180,000, GIVEBIG fueled the generosity of thousands of philanthropists and demonstrated the power of local crowd-funding to address an endless variety of community needs. Thank you to everyone who made GIVEBIG a success, particularly the nonprofit organizations who invested their time and energy into making GIVEBIG such a magical day of community generosity.    


Many participants this year have inquired about GIVEBIG 2019, as Seattle Foundation will no longer be presenting this event after 2018. A coalition of nonprofits are working together with a vision of continuing a giving day for the Seattle community. The 90-person, volunteer-led effort of nonprofit professionals has created a deadline of November 1, 2018 to determine the future of a giving day in our region. To learn more or get involved, please contact


GIVEBIG demonstrated the power of a community foundation to activate philanthropy on a large scale. Seattle Foundation will continue to do just that, uniting passion and discipline to create lasting change. We look forward to working with all of our partners on new ways to carry forth our mission to ignite powerful, rewarding philanthropy to make Greater Seattle a stronger, more vibrant community for all.

Note: If you are a donor looking for a donation receipt, you can find it at the bottom of the GIVEBIG Seattle Homepage.


If you are a nonprofit with questions about your donation reporting or something else, please reach out to our customer service team at 1.833.962.3615.