Wellspring Family Services

Our Approach: Beyond Shelters and Tents
In the next two years, Wellspring will help 2,000 children and their family members find stability, not just temporary shelter.
Helping 2,000 children is ambitious because of our comprehensive approach. Wellspring staff addresses both the causes of homelessness and the needs of families in crisis; we can end the debilitating cycle of homelessness for children and families in our community.

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Website: http://www.wellspringfs.org
Address: 1900 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA 98144-4606
Email: ndavis@wellspringfs.org
Phone Number: 206-826-3050
EIN: 91-0567261
Wellspring's community services wrap around two generations of families to help them overcome cycles of homelessness, instability and adversity.

These include:
- Housing stability
- Early learning
- Parent-child therapy
- Provision of essential children's items
- Domestic violence intervention

Our approach sets us apart. We are using proven neuroscience principles throughout our agency to help build strong families and resilient children. What does this mean?
- We know that the way a child's brain develops has lifelong impacts on their future health and well-being as adults
- Experiences - both positive and negative - build the brain
- Early adverse experiences hurt and hinder healthy development
- Stable, nurturing relationships and environments foster healthy development

With this understanding, Wellspring addresses the root causes of family homelessness, breaking the cycles of trauma, and leading children and adults away from crisis toward a stable, healthy, and thriving future.