Washington Water Trust

Washington Water Trust's (WWT) mission is to keep a healthy supply of water flowing in our state's rivers and streams year-round. So, fish, agriculture, businesses and wildlife-upon which we all depend-can thrive.

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Website: http://www.washingtonwatertrust.org
Address: 1530 Westlake Ave N, Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98109
Email: hannah@washingtonwatertrust.org
Phone Number: 206-675-1585
EIN: 91-1937417
Across Washington state, society's demand for water is exceeding supply. That, coupled with climate change, means our rivers and streams are declining at an accelerating rate in basins throughout the state. In late summer, when people, fish and wildlife need cool, ample flows the most, many Washington streams run low if not dry. These low flows threaten the waters that frame our very identity in the Pacific Northwest. Extinction looms for salmon and steelhead across the state. Plants and wildlife suffer. Our natural systems become less resilient. Recreational opportunities dry-up, and agricultural production diminishes.

WWT fosters healthy streams throughout Washington State by preserving and restoring the flow of water. We partner with agricultural producers, tribes, government agencies, and other stakeholders to develop water management strategies that are smart and enduring. Focusing on collaboration rather than litigation, WWT works to implement voluntary initiatives that return water back to our rivers for conservation and restoration of habitat when and where it is needed most. We lease and buy water from water rights holders, temporarily or permanently to leave instream. We help water rights holders develop more cost-effective way to use their water and we help municipalities, in basins facing closer, mitigate for new water uses.

WWT's approach is proven and effective. In 2017 alone, we restored more than 5.9 billion gallons of water to streams and rivers across the state. That means more passage for salmon and steelhead as they migrate to and from the sea. More water to cool your feet and float you down a stream, and more water for plants and wildlife to thrive! Your support is critical, help ensure our state's rivers and streams continue to flow for fish, farms and people now and into the future!