Vine Maple Place

Vine Maple Place is a Christian organization that breaks the cycle of homelessness for single parents and their children by offering hope, providing stability and equipping them for self-sufficiency. Children are provided with counseling, mentoring, tutoring, peer groups and purposeful fun events. Your gift will enable a child in the Vine Maple Place program to have a life-changing summer camp experience. They'll have the opportunity to rebuild trust with caring adults and make new friends.

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Address: P.O. Box 1092
Maple Valley, WA 98038
Phone Number: 425-432-2119
EIN: 91-2082308
Vine Maple Place serves families headed by single parents (92% are mothers) who are homeless or in imminent danger of becoming homeless. They have very low incomes, are ethnically-diverse, often deal with issues of mental health or domestic violence, and may have low skill and education levels. Seven out of ten individuals have experienced or witnessed domestic violence. Due to toxic stress, many of their children have poor school attendance and performance, high levels of anxiety and insecurity, poor nutrition and health, and an inability to deal with negative emotions.

Providing emergency shelter and rapidly re-housing families in the community, along with housing assistance to prevent a homeless episode, helps families reach stability much more quickly. Within 30-60 days they are able to move into off-site housing of their own, while they continue to participate in counseling, parenting skills, job development and financial literacy training to achieve self-sufficiency for the long-term. The children also gain the tools they need to build coping skills, strengthen interpersonal relationships, develop positive identity, and build self-esteem in order to recover from the toxic stress of domestic violence and homelessness.

Using this proven individualized approach, we can serve significantly more people more efficiently and cost-effectively than in previous years. In 2017, the lives of 636 people (194 families and their 415 children) were transformed: 473% increase over 2012. The results are telling us that when families gain stability and maximize their skills, they become equipped to never be homeless again. One year after exiting the program, 91% of families are still stably housed and working to improve their lives.
We are so grateful for the dedicated individuals, community partners, churches, foundations and businesses that are rescuing families from the trauma of homelessness and changing the future for generations to come.