Unidentified Moving Objects

UMO'S mission is to stir the human spirit and incite the imagination by providing awe, challenge and inspiration through original and compelling physical theatre.

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Website: http://umo.org
Address: PO Box 347
Vashon, WA 98070
Email: info@umo.org
Phone Number: 206-963-0660
EIN: 22-2968673
The Ensemble's creative process is rooted in physical theatre. Improvisations in movement, character, vocalizing, and writing spawn new works. An Executive Artist, with the guidance of the board, oversees the organization. For each piece a member of the Ensemble serves as artistic leader.
UMO Ensemble members include: Elizabeth Klob (executive artist), David Godsey, Janet McAlpin, Lyam White and Maria Glanz.
Since their arrival on Vashon Island in 1989, UMO Ensemble has created over twenty original works and have shared them with audiences internationally and locally.