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Award-winning and internationally lauded, theater simple has built a reputation for creating innovative "impossible" theatrical experiences. In 27 years of touring and producing, simpletons have produced more than 1500 performances of over 50 plays in five countries on four continents.
Our mission statement is simple:
We build from the imagination up.
We want to inspire everyday creativity by linking ideas with the arts with folks of all ages.

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Address: c/o Shunpike 815 Seattle Blvd S #215
Seattle, WA 98134
Phone Number: 206-784-8647
EIN: 91-2138554
In a theater, through a park, or across the internet, we work out of the box and around the world (since 1990)

The world has changed dramatically since theater simple originally developed THE MASTER & MARGARITA (M&M) in 1997, as has the company's theatrical styles and skill level. We are planning to simultaneously push our creativity forward by re-examining how and what we chose to stage, and how that reflects/speaks to our current moment.

All through theater simple's history, we have been interested in how a live theatrical event can affect a viewer, and how different ways of telling of a story gives insight into the human experience. Even 20 years ago, pre-internet, our audiences would be swept along with us, literally breathing together. That small moment of conspiring is powerful, and needs to be boosted and encouraged as a community act.

Doing this again with a beloved novel and play (during a political period that has an echo of the time the novel was originally written) takes that framing to a compellingly urgent level.
We have to do this.

Awards and raves for THE MASTER & MARGARITA '97-2001
ADELAIDE FRINGE AWARD: BEST PLAY! + M&M named BEST PLAY in 9 other cities in the US and Canada. FOOTLIGHT AWARD- Seattle Times
" theater simple balances the grotesque with the sublimely elegant... Superb." The Adelaide Advertiser (Australia)
"- a wild, chaotic, nightmare-drenched hallucination - razor sharp and air tight." The Stranger, Seattle

theater simple is powered by Shunpike.
Our favorite local superhero is embodied by our fiscal sponsor, SHUNPIKE. (theater simple is powered by Shunpike.)

We give thanks with both hands to 4CULTURE who supported THE MASTER & MARGARITA in continuing it's original development, and have supported theater simple since 1998, by being a fine resource for information, contacts, how-to's and ENCOURAGEMENT OF IDEAS, regardless of how outrageous or impossible they have seemed.

And we very humbly yet enthusiastically thank our donors* of the past and present for their belief in our vision and ideas. Whether in the theater, or out - you are the boost in the patootie that reminds us, "Yes, we can, because someone else ALSO believes we can. So quit whining and do it."

*ESPECIALLY those donors who make up the consortium for our matching fund during GiveBig!! You are leading the way!