The Rose International Fund for Children

The Rose International Fund for Children (TRIFC) works to improve the lives of children in Nepal, particularly those with disabilities. We develop, coordinate and implement projects focused on education, medical care, nutrition, public awareness, empowerment, facilities and environmental support. A nonsectarian and nonpartisan organization, TRIFC strengthens the capacity of schools and community partners to offer all young people pathways to achieving their potential.

Address:PMB 421 14150 NE 20th ST - STE F1
Bellevue, WA 98007-3700
Phone Number:425-985-3176
Founded in 2006 to address critical needs for people with disabilities in Nepal, TRIFC started modestly with a student sponsorship program and orthopedic surgery sponsorships. With an active board of directors and increasing number of volunteers, TRIFC has grown slowly and thoughtfully, developing and implementing new programs to support individuals and groups with disabilities. Working with other like-minded organizations, TRIFC brings a unique vision, passion, and skill set to the work of supporting those with disabilities. Partnerships and collaboration are our strength, and we excel at gaining and leveraging partner buy-in. TRIFC directly helps over 1,000 children and adults with disabilities each year.