Technology Access Foundation

TAF is a nonprofit with a mission to equip students of color for success in college and life through the power of an interdisciplinary STEM education and supportive relationships.
Our targeted approach addresses longstanding historical inequities for students of color, yet cultivates leadership and citizenship in all students toward equity.

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Address: 605 SW 108th Street
Seattle, WA 98146
Phone Number: 206-725-9095
EIN: 91-1731833
In an effort to address equity in public education for students of color and to create systemic change, TAF approaches education through various levels of impact.

We're impacting education in the following ways:

TAF Academy is a 6th-12th grade STEM-focused public neighborhood school that prepares students for college and careers through a project based curriculum. It is the first school in Washington state co-managed by a district (Federal Way Public Schools), and nonprofit (TAF). Recognized for its award-winning academic model, STEMbyTAF, the school's goal is to enlist students as active participants in their own education, ensuring each student has the knowledge and experience to use STEM as a tool for positive social change; starting in their own community.

We focus on:
-- Technology literacy
-- STEM immersion and competency
-- Project based learning best practices, using our STEMbyTAF academic model
-- 21st century skills (collaboration, communication, problem solving, etc.)
-- Corporate and community partnerships for industry perspective and real-world experience through internships and mentoring programs

STEMbyTAF School Transformation involves scaling our best practices in leadership, teaching and learning used at TAF Academy to partner with existing public school districts in order to create academic environments that eliminate race-based disparity in academic achievement, and promote the highest level of student learning and teacher development.

We do this by providing partner public schools with:
-- Full-time instructional transformation coaches
-- Ongoing professional development opportunities
-- Priority placement in our STEMbyTAF Teacher Institute
-- Program support for instructional technology and project planning
-- Access to STEM professionals and a network of transformation educators

TAF's Martinez Fellowship aims to close the opportunity gap by recruiting and retaining teachers of color in Washington state.

We do this by providing:
- Support to teachers of color through graduate level scholarships
-- Early career coaching
-- Ongoing professional development
-- Teaching tools to effectively implement PBL in classrooms
-- Offering an opportunity to network and collaborate with other teachers of color within a trusted community

Currently, we have close to 120 active Martinez Fellows working in 24 schools districts and positively influencing more than 8,500 students from the most diver and high-needs schools in Washington.

STEMbyTAF Teacher Institute provides professional development and training for teachers and schools that want to integrate STEM into their instruction by exposing teachers to practices that have won TAF Academy national awards for excellence and innovation.

Facilitated by STEM educators and industry experts, the institute covers:
-- Research-based model for integrating content standards
-- Introduction and practice to implement project-based learning (PBL)
-- Design thinking in the classroom
-- Key project-based learning concepts
-- Practical implementation of technology within the classroom