Strawberry Theatre Workshop

Strawberry Theatre Workshop is committed to the idea that the theatre is the people's place of aspiration, and that any voice from the stage is translated exponentially into conversations at coffee shops, bus stops, classrooms, and play fields. This is an activist stance. To be a good neighbor is to be a relevant neighbor, a responsible neighbor, and a vocal neighbor

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Address:PO Box 20245
Seattle, WA 98102-1245
Phone Number:206-427-5207
Since 2004, Strawberry Theatre Workshop has emerged as a small professional business committed to providing dignified wages to artists and craftspeople, during a time when literally hundreds of organizations in the region insist that their people work for free. This commitment has allowed Strawshop to recruit the most accomplished actors and directors to its stage, and provided the neighborhood with access to Seattle's best story-tellers. Strawshop produces plays for the public which are designed to both inspire a community conversation and provide roles for actors that inspire great performances. Strawshop strives to be a community center that motivates people to celebrate, argue, or agitate in response to a theatrical idea.