St. Edward School

St. Edward School provides excellence in Catholic education, upholds the dignity of each individual, provides service to the global community, and prepares its students for leadership in the church and in society. We strive to provide this opportunity to any family that desires it regardless of economic circumstance.

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Address:4200 S Mead St
Seattle, WA 98118-2702
Phone Number:206-725-1774
St. Edward School has a 106 year history of providing students with development opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.  We have historically and continue to serve students in the Rainier Valley of south Seattle, many of whom are newly arrived to the United States. St. Edward School has a rich history of assisting families in adjusting to life in the United States and at the same time ensuring that students excel academically, and grow physically, morally and spiritually. Our ten Core Competencies are critical components to the developmental experience.  They include: ~Creative Engagement ~Academic Rigor ~Moral Development ~Critical Thinking ~Social Interaction ~Faith Formation ~Effective Citizenship ~Developing a Global Perspective St. Edward School is a nationally accredited school through the Western Catholic Educational Association and the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.