Shine Bright

Shine Bright is a program that motivates third through fifth grade students to love learning through supporting and strengthening of non-cognitive, foundational skills The program was created and is entirely run by high school students from around the district committed to acting as positive role models for elementary students within their community; as a result both volunteers and students develop the traits they need to "Shine Bright" in all aspects of their lives.

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Address: 4555 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, WA 98106-1379
Phone Number: 206-466-9880
EIN: 91-2037236
Shine Bright is a weekly after school program which aims to engage students in weekly lessons with interactive activities. For example students make posters demonstrating the importance of asking questions, put together puzzles in order to understand teamwork, and keep a planner to hone time management skills. These active and fun experiences immerse the students in the lesson and prevent the program from becoming monotonous while staying educational. However, all of these activities require materials and supplies which are not provided by the schools.

Shine Bright is now at 7 schools serving 110 students, all maintained by dedicated high school volunteers. Yet, Shine Bright's success depends on the support of the community as much as it depends on its faithful volunteers. Although volunteers frequently use their own funds to buy snacks and emergency materials for the students, the majority of Shine Bright's funding comes from fundraisers and donations.

Every year we are moved by stories of students who began excelling in their personal, academic, and social life as a result of Shine Bright; equally touching are the stories of volunteers who discovered their passion for teaching and their desire to give back. We hope the support of the community does not stagnate as the program and subsequent cost of materials continues to grow. Your support provides markers, poster paper, prizes, snacks, play-doh, puzzles, pencils, notebooks, and many more educational tools which ensures that Shine Bright continues to make an impact on students for the years to come.