Seattle Police Foundation

The Seattle Police Foundation raises support and awareness for the Seattle Police Department.

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Address: P.O. Box 456
Seattle, WA 98111
Phone Number: 206-733-9372
EIN: 91-2171529
The Seattle Police Foundation (SPF) recognizes that the Seattle Police Department (SPD), with more than 90% of its annual budget going to support personnel costs, has very little flexibility to seed new programs and encourage innovation. The role of the Foundation is not to displace funding for basic law enforcement, nor to reduce in any way the responsibility of the City of Seattle to commit the necessary funding for law enforcement services for its citizens. However, as modern law enforcement tasks continue to become more complex, the SPD, similar to police departments across the country, has increasing needs to stay current in training, technology and equipment, and communication and partnership efforts with the community.
SPF utilizes the generous contributions of our fellow citizens and funding partners to enhance the Seattle Police Department's efforts in three vital areas: Community Partnerships, Employee Development, and Police Service Enhancements.