Seattle Mandolin Orchestra

The Seattle Mandolin Orchestra exists to preserve, promote and extend the Mandolin ensemble tradition, featuring (but not limited to) the entire mandolin family of instruments, including mandolin, mandola, mandocello, and mandobass.

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Address: 3300 Meridian Ave N Unit 312
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone Number: 206-543-5338
EIN: 27-1373551
The present Seattle Mandolin Orchestra was founded in 1983 and builds on the history of earlier mandolin orchestras during the mandolin's golden age (1880–1925). The Orchestra is dedicated to revitalizing the mandolin ensemble and expanding its repertoire. Seattle Mandolin Orchestra repertoire includes baroque, classical, jazz, and folk traditions. Players of all ages, abilities and experience are welcome. Rehearsals are Monday nights in Seattle and are led by a professional conductor.