Seattle Chinese Garden Society

The Seattle Chinese Garden serves our region through educational programs and events highlighting traditional culture and contemporary China. Its tranquil, park-like setting draws people of all backgrounds and ages to savor the beauty of nature interwoven with Chinese architecture and horticulture. The Garden enhances Seattle's status as a gateway to China and Asia through cultural and educational exchanges and business collaborations, and draws visitors from throughout the nation and abroad.

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Address:6000 16th Avenue SW
Seattle, WA 98106
Phone Number:206-934-5219
The Seattle Chinese Garden sits on 4.6 acres at the north end of the South Seattle College campus. Its ridge-top site, bordered by a greenbelt, offers views of downtown Seattle. Bamboo groves, trees and shrubs native to China, and a small pond enhance the tranquility. A large traditional courtyard is a venue for cultural programs and events. One of the Garden's most well-known features is the Luoyang Tree Peony Display Garden, with more than 400 plants of about 30 varieties. It is the largest public tree peony garden on the West Coast and a highlight of the annual Peony and Bamboo Festival. The annual Kite Festival in late June draws kite flyers of all ages and skill levels and many families for a fun day in the big field. Other programs for a wide range of interests include martial arts sessions, photography workshops, tea tasting ceremonies, horticulture activities, and programs on China's culture, environment, and history offered in the nearby Chan Education Center.

The vision for the Chinese Garden's full development includes a teahouse on a lotus pond, a four-story "Floating Clouds" pavilion with views of the Cascades and Olympics, a large gathering together hall for events, a traditional scholar's studio, and smaller open-air pavilions near pine and maple groves and overlooking a rushing stream and lake. Your engagement and support can contribute to expanding our service to the community and help bring us closer to achieving the vision of becoming one of the most beautiful and outstanding Chinese gardens in North America - and the only Sichuan style garden outside China. The Garden honors our sister city partnership with Chongqing, our sister state relationship with Sichuan, and our region's extensive ties to China and Asia.

The Garden is adjacent to the South Seattle College Arboretum, a 5-acre horticultural treasure. Both the Garden and the Arboretum are open daily (year-round) from dawn to dusk, at no charge. Come for a walk with family or friends, or bring a kite to fly on a breezy day. Children love the garden and enjoy watching the goldfish in the courtyard pool and checking out the big "Dragon Seeker" carp sculpture. Photographers will be inspired in any season from early morning to dusk. We also welcome dog walkers with pets on leash.