The Seattle Area German American School

The mission of The Seattle Area German American School is to provide a German immersion education. The SAGA School inspires students to become passionate learners and engaged global citizens. Through academic excellence and a well-rounded education, our students achieve German fluency and literacy. The SAGA School fosters a vibrant community grounded in German-speaking culture.

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Address: 11010 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle, WA 98133
Phone Number: 206-442-2023
EIN: 20-2607873
The SAGA School offers Preschool and PreK programs, and Elementary School (Kindergarten through 5th Grade) in a German immersion environment. SAGA fosters early language acquisition and promotes cross-cultural understanding in our students. The SAGA School's full immersion concept is based on the belief that languages are best learned as "living languages," in which students play, explore, create, sing, and learn. We firmly believe that children who are exposed to multiple languages are better equipped world citizens and learners.

Our Preschool and PreK programs are taught primarily by native German speakers who engage with the children 'auf deutsch.' Through repetition, routine, and songs children begin putting words and phrases together. Most of our four year olds are playing with each other in German and do not think twice about the fact that they are operating in two languages. The number one goal of Preschool is social development. Children learn about themselves, their family and how to relate with their friends. We utilize the "Creative Curriculum" as well as "Faustlos" (Second Step program) to help foster social development.

Our Grundschule, a certified, non-profit private elementary school, continues a German immersion model, working towards full literacy and truly bilingual students. We merge the best practices of early childhood education from German-speaking countries with a curriculum meeting Washington State Standards. At SAGA, students work independently, with partners, in small groups, and as a whole class. We use the Second Step (Faustlos Program) and Zones of Regulation to teach social skills and problem-solving strategies. Music, art, and sport programs are weaved into daily learning, helping students engage and imagine at all levels.

SAGA offers spring/summer camps and afternoon programs consisting of Academic Afterschool, Enrichment programs focusing on music and life skills, and Parent-Child music groups. Through these programs and other areas of outreach, SAGA seeks to create a community that fosters the growth of German-speaking cultures.
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