Renton Area Youth and Family Services

RAYS provides hope and support to the most vulnerable members of our community; youth and their families living in crisis and poverty. We offer treatment for children who have experienced abuse, trauma or neglect. Our clients learn coping skills needed to overcome obstacles and set goals so they can make choices that lead to a bright future.

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Address: PO Box 1510
Renton, WA 98057-1510
Phone Number: 425-271-5600
EIN: 51-0152621
Early Intervention is Key to Prevention. When Renton Area Youth and Family Services was started 45 years ago, we focused on supporting teens living with substance abuse issues. Over time we came to believe that a more holistic approach to our counseling services would have a deeper and more impactful outcome in our client’s lives. We work hard to provide programs that support individual family members at all stages in life. Young parents need an ally to teach them the skills they need to ensure that their babies and toddlers are meeting developmental milestones. Children need to feel emotionally supported and safe so they learn the skills they need to overcome trauma grow into strong, confident students. Teens should feel hope for a bright future and have a mentor guiding them to make positive choices that help them to achieve their dreams. Parents need to have support and resources so they can understand the complexities of what their children are living with and provide them with safe and healthy home environments. Grandparents who find themselves raising their grandchildren deserve a support system. RAYS is a place where individuals can develop friendships as well as share their success stories and challenges - a place where people can learn the importance of mental and physical health and nutrition so that are able to provide healthy homes for their families.