Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project

Real Change exists to provide opportunity and a voice for low-income and homeless people while taking action for economic, social and racial justice.

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Address: 219 1st Ave S Ste 220
Seattle, WA 98104-2591
Phone Number: 206-441-3247
EIN: 91-1817387
Real Change is an award-winning weekly newspaper that provides immediate employment for over 700 vendors every year while taking action for economic, social, and racial justice. Real Change News has won nine professional news awards in 2016 alone, with quality journalism focused on the intersection of race and class through local and broader issues.

Vendors find low-barrier, meaningful work and community at Real Change. Annually, this program puts over $1M directly into the pockets of our vendors. This is a hand up, not a hand out, as Vendors are entrepreneurs setting their own hours and sales strategies.

In March Real Change released the first edition of the Emerald City Resource Guide, a portable, pocket-sized guidebook of social services across the city. We distributed 40,000 copies to almost 100 partner organizations, and through our peer network of Vendors. This guidebook connects people to the services available in the city, from meals and shelters to immigration legal services and more.

Real Change is both a survival strategy for the most poor and a catalyst for social change.

Real Change empowers people experiencing homelessness to act for long-term policy solutions. We don't just advocate on behalf of those experiencing poverty - we empower our vendors to speak up and advocate for themselves. Through the Vendor Organizing Committee, participants review the policy and budget decisions on the city, county and state levels, and organize action-campaigns on the issues that will most impact their quality of life.

With your support in 2018, Real Change will:
-Expand outreach to build our reader and vendor community
-Build on race and class equity work to strengthen our programs
-Mobilize Vendors to use their voices at the local, county, and state levels
-Build the leadership and resources we need for long-term sustainability.

Our community makes us strong. Real Change depends on over 1,800 individual supporters each year. Each gift is not just an investment in someone's job today, it is also a contribution to a more just and caring world where all people have the means to live with dignity.

Thank you for your gift today. The Wyncote Foundation NW has generously provided a matching contribution of $50,000 to make your gift go even further.
Thank you to the Wyncote Foundation NW for their continued support of Real Change and their generous $50,000 match for Give Big!