Queen Anne Helpline

Queen Anne Helpline improves the lives of neighbors in need by providing emergency assistance for housing, food and basic needs.

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Address:311 W McGraw St
Seattle, WA 98119-2666
Phone Number:206-282-1540
Homelessness prevention and reduction are at the core of our mission. We provide rent, utility and move in assistance, preventing over 500 evictions annually and helping previously homeless households move into permanent housing. Since incorporating in 1982 Queen Anne Helpline has assisted tens of thousands of our most vulnerable neighbors including seniors on fixed incomes, families living paycheck to paycheck, disabled vets and others who lack a safety net during times of hardship. Serving over 2,000 individuals annually, we provide an average of $16,000 each month in financial assistance. We also offer case management to empower people to become more self-sufficient, and in partnership with Ballard Food Bank provide bags of food to local students who are at risk of food insecurity on weekends when they don't have access to school meals. Our financial assistance is available in the 98109, 98119 and 98199 zip codes where there are currently over 1600 subsidized housing units and a growing number of transitional housing and shelters. Our basic needs assistance, including adult clothing, linens, personal hygiene items, bus tickets, emergency food bags and ID vouchers are available to anyone in need. Queen Anne Helpline's hyper-local focus allows us to be flexible in meeting the unique needs of each client, and to respond quickly before a crisis occurs. Many of our clients have no financial safety net, so one unexpected event - a medical emergency, a car breaking down - can quickly lead to an eviction or shut off notice. In the area we serve rents are increasing rapidly; this combined with wages and other income sources (including social security) that are not keeping up with cost of living is creating a significant increase in the need for our services.