Pongo Publishing

Pongo Publishing (Pongo Teen Writing Project) is a 20-year-old therapeutic poetry program that works inside detention centers, homeless shelters, and psychiatric hospitals. Pongo's mission is to facilitate personal poetry as a healing response to devastating trauma - to help our authors understand their difficult feelings, find their strong voices, and address their life challenges and best hopes. Pongo teaches its methodology nationally, and Pongo-inspired poetry programs are helping thousands.

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Website: http://www.pongoteenwriting.org
Address: 4701 SW Admiral Way #308
Seattle, WA 98116-2340
Email: info@pongoteenwriting.org
Phone Number: 206-852-9166
EIN: 91-2114772
Pongo facilitates healing poetry by individuals who have suffered traumas such as childhood abuse, neglect, and exposure to violence. Trauma affects people deeply, making it difficult for them to express themselves. One of the very special qualities of Pongo is that people will write about profoundly sad experiences, but afterward feel happy, relieved, and proud of their poetry. People talk more openly about their lives, and they build better relationships with others and themselves.

Pongo's core projects are at King County Juvenile Detention Center and at Child Study and Treatment Center, the WA state psychiatric hospital for children. Pongo has directly served 6,000 people. Additionally, in the last four years Pongo has given 56 trainings and presentations (30 nationally, 26 locally). There are now Pongo-inspired writing projects all around the country and the world. Also, through the interactive writing activities on the Pongo web site, over 22,000 youth worldwide have been helped to write about painful life experiences.

From its inception Pongo has worked closely with psychiatrists from the University of Washington School of Medicine. Pongo collects data and has supported four pilot studies of our work. For example, Pongo has collected 1,300 surveys from juvenile detention and the state psychiatric hospital. 100% of our writers enjoyed working with Pongo, 81% felt better after writing, and 93% expect to write more. Notably, 75% wrote on topics they don't normally discuss.

Pongo would like to thank the Microsoft Alumni Foundation for naming Richard Gold (Pongo's founder) a Microsoft Integral Fellow. The award recognizes Pongo's philanthropic contributions, with recognition of its integrity, innovation, and scalability. The award was presented by Bill and Melinda Gates. It was judged by Tom Brokaw and the heads of five prominent national foundations. Pongo received a second award from this foundation in support of its national outreach.

Pongo would also like to thank the City of Seattle of giving Pongo a Mayor's Arts Award for deep and lasting impact on social change.

Pongo is grateful to its many funders, project sites, donors, and supporters, who have helped Pongo to evolve into a healing community.