Plymouth Healing Communities

Plymouth Healing Communities (PHC) provides companionship, subsidized housing, and deep respect for adults with mental illness who have experienced homelessness. We believe, and evidence confirms, that healing takes place when vulnerable people are shown care, love and respect.

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Address: 1217 Sixth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone Number: 206-755-4597
EIN: 91-2031385
Emergency Housing: The House of Healing, which celebrates 17 years in 2018, has served more than 175 persons who are moving from inpatient mental health treatment and homelessness to permanent housing. Over the years, 65+ companions have lived with these residents, together pursuing collective and personal healing. Remarkably, 95% of the residents that have left the House of Healing have exited into permanent housing.

Community Companions: PHC's Community Companion Program, now in its 10th year, connects 47 vulnerable adults (our residents) with 30+ volunteers who are PHC's "community companions". These Community Companions commit for one year to provide social support, group outings, and one-to-one interaction for individuals living in and outside PHC's housing. We look for ways to increase the number of volunteers so that each resident of PHC housing has the option for individual support. PHC has a robust training program for community companions during which, on a quarterly basis, we bring together experts in the fields of homelessness, mental illness, and substance use to help volunteers understand the profound challenges our residents face. Our goals for this training are to break down the stigma of mental illness and homelessness and to create life-long advocates for persons with mental illness.

Permanent Supportive Housing: PHC's housing portfolio currently has six buildings in operation and includes apartments and shared homes. Our model of small-scale housing, integrated social services, companionship and mission-driven property management has shown very impressive results, with 95% of our tenants, who have mental illness, staying housed for an average of three years (and many residents for much longer).
PHC is deeply grateful to the following funders and partners for their ongoing support: the members of PHC's Board of Directors; Plymouth Congregational Church; Harborview Hospital; The Fehsenfeld Family Foundation; The Medina Foundation; The Seattle Foundation; The Lucky Seven Foundation; The Washington State Combined Drive; Community Psychiatric Clinic; United Way King County; Americorps; The Employees Community Fund of Boeing; and 501 Commons.