To end the senseless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs caused by mal-pruning (and other common forms of plant mis-management).

We began 30 years ago with a campaign to end tree topping. We have since expanded to address the many ways the urban forest is inadvertently lost due to neglect and mismanagement by individuals, green professionals, and by cities themselves. Trees are the perfect antidote for many problems that accompany urbanization.

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Address: P.O. Box 15377 6310 NE 74th St.
Seattle, WA 98115-0377
Phone Number: 206-783-9813
EIN: 91-1393557
We work to ensure better care of the urban ecology, specifically our trees and plants. Our goals are 1) to increase public awareness of common problems, 2) provide a range of solutions to common pruning and other plant care problems, and 3) engender respect for plants and their contribution to the natural and built environments.

For these goals we use traditional and social media to raise awareness. We provide classes, lectures, lessons, workshops, a referral service, volunteer pruning, and landscape care. We distribute how-to information via print, our website, our YouTube channel and social media. We answer calls and emails from the public; we co-sponsor events, and staff our educational booth at fairs, plant sales, and gatherings.

This year our activities will focus on several areas. Work has been ongoing in some of the areas described below, but was interrupted January 2017 by the tragic death of our founder and president, Cass Turnbull.

We will push forward with our Shear Madness campaign to educate the public, landscape professionals and HOA's about the effects of the damaging, unsustainable, expensive and tragically widespread practice of shearing all shrubs. We will demonstrate how sheared landscapes can be converted into healthier, more natural-looking, lower maintenance properties. To this end, we will complete the final editing of our Landscape Conversion video and advertise its availability on our YouTube channel through mass mailings and digital messaging including an engaging public service announcement.

We will continue our outreach to Spanish-speaking landscape workers. We will do so by translating pruning materials into Spanish. This includes the Landscape Conversion, pruning videos on our YouTube channel, and our digital plant identification flash cards.

To respond to ongoing high demand for our hands-on pruning workshops, we will continue efforts to make such workshops more accessible. To that end, we will experiment with smaller workshops (10 students vs. 20 students) on a more frequent basis. Smaller groups of students open up the possibility of using smaller properties for renovation.

With a generous grant from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, PlantAmnesty created a presentation for decision makers, No Place for Old Trees. We identified and addressed common obstacles to incorporating trees and green spaces in Seattle, creating a sense of urgency, and providing answers. The results can be viewed on our YouTube Channel or read on our web site:

We thank Steuber's for sponsoring our Master Pruner series each year. Sky Nursery provides the venue, publicity and a portion of sales for our annual Prune-A-Thon. And thanks to Seattle's Office of Sustainability and the Environment, the Seattle Parks Department, and the West Seattle Garden Tour for support of the 2018 Urban Forest Symposium.

Without our volunteers, including Board and Committee members, we could not offer our workshops, events and presentations. In 2017, volunteers worked close to 2,000 hours. We are ever so grateful for their support. Individual donors and members are critical funding sources. AmazonSmile, and Boeing Matching Fund add to our funding base. Our work is also made possible by generous donors like you.