PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap

PAWSBINK advocates, educates, and provides direct services nurturing the bond of companionship between pets and their people, for the health and well-being of both. Founded in 1975, PAWS has become a thriving, vital presence in our area. Through education, awareness, and financial aid, PAWS is realizing its vision of reducing pet overpopulation and the unnecessary euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals while facilitating responsible, caring relationships between people and their pets.

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Address: PO Box 10811
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-0811
Phone Number: 206-842-2451
EIN: 91-0952064
People helping pets...Pets helping people. This is what PAWS strives to provide to our community with our many programs. Our mission is not only to provide opportunities to create new relationships through pet adoption but to strengthen those relationships with pet education and veterinary assistance. It is our hope these will help create a life-long bond between people and their pets.

During 2016/17, the PAWS Cats Adoption Program sheltered 351 cats and kittens, including transfers from "high-kill" area shelters. Of those, 345 cats/kittens found forever loving homes including 52 litters of kittens. Of these, 122 cats and kittens transferred in from areas with high euthanasia rate; 37% of them fell outside the healthy/adoptable range. These animals received all veterinary care including spay/neuter, vaccinations, micro-chipping and flea/worm control amounting to $29,508.14 to ensure they were healthy and ready for their new forever families.

PAWS provides Veterinary Financial Assistance to low-income seniors to help with pet care necessities; 68 low-income seniors with $7,218.43 in veterinary care for their pets as well as provided financial aid to spay/neuter 130 dogs and cats at a cost of $14,921.82. Twenty-nine senior citizens received discounts to their adoption fees and lost or abandoned pets received $2,951.08 in veterinary care through our Good Samaritan Fund.

Low income families also qualify for veterinary assistance in our service area. PAWS has heard time and again that families today often must make the choice between veterinary care for their beloved pet or food on their tables. The veterinary assistance fund helps alleviate that difficult choice. During 2017, 163 families received $15,929.46 in veterinary assistance grants.

The PALS program is for people over 65 who live independently and would like the companionship of a pet but whose finances won't stretch to cover pet ownership. A healthy, older dog or cat could join your home as a permanent foster. PAWS retains ownership and pay for food, litter and vet visits. This arrangement is a "win-win" for cats and dogs not likely to be adopted due to their age and for seniors who want to enjoy the companionship of a pet. For people over 65 who currently own a pet and who need financial assistance for veterinary care, PAWS also will provide grants to local veterinary clinics. During 2017, several cats and three dogs were placed in homes of PALS qualifying seniors; $5435.08
in care was provided to cats in the PALS Program.

PAWS houses the humane traps that allow the trap, neuter and release of adult cats thus stopping the circle of unwanted animals in our community. Forty-one feral cats were sterilized and released in our community.

PAWS manages the only lost and found animal website in Kitsap County; 3041 dogs and cats were listed on in 2017.

PAWS is the only Kitsap organization to provide a SafeHarbor program to animals in need after crisis or medical emergency has affected their loved one.

PAWS also provides pet food and necessities to five local foodbanks throughout the year as well as to two severe weather shelters in the area that will allow homeless attendees to stay with their pets during poor weather conditions.