Old Dog Haven

Old Dog Haven rescues dogs, ages 8+, who've been surrendered or abandoned to shelters in their senior years. These dogs are placed in private foster homes in Western Washington, where they're loved and provided with donor-supported medical care to live out their lives in comfort and happiness.

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Website: http://www.olddoghaven.org
Address: 621 State Route 9 NE PMB A4
Lake Stevens, WA 98258-8525
Email: office@olddoghaven.org
Phone Number: 360-653-0311
EIN: 65-1249528
Old Dog Haven gives new life to old dogs by providing them the loving homes they deserve and the veterinary care they need. Old Dog Haven offers refuge to senior dogs in Western Washington (aged 8 or older) considered unadoptable due to age or health issues. More than 300 dogs are safe in our network of private foster homes. The majority of these dogs need extensive veterinary attention in order to live comfortable, happy lives. All veterinary care is fully covered by Old Dog Haven; medical expenses currently average about $90,000 per month.

Old Dog Haven's ability to provide the treatment essential to restoring and maintaining the best possible health for our senior dogs is the direct result of generous donors. The other ingredients for an old dog's happiness and quality of life - home, food, security, patience, and of course boundless love - are provided by our devoted foster families. Helping these old dogs is often expensive, sometimes challenging, but always rewarding.