Northwest Animal Rights Network

As an animal rights organization, we advocate for the rights inherent to all sentient beings to live a full life, to be free, and to not to be used and exploited. We engage in campaigns and other educational actions to expose, challenge, and alleviate the suffering, use and abuse of non-human animals.

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Address: 1037 NE 65th Street #174
Seattle, WA 98115
Phone Number: 866-925-6741
EIN: 91-1341059
The Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN) is a Seattle-based animal rights organization. NARN has been dedicated to ending the exploitation of animals by raising awareness of animal suffering in the food, entertainment, experimentation, and fashion industries since 1986.

NARN believes that education is a key component for positive change. Through outreach, education and open dialog, we aim to have the greater community question and examine the relationship between human and non-human animals; to provide the tools and resources for the community to consider the benefits of a vegan lifestyle as a living practice of animal rights; to recommend the rejection of products, companies and organizations that abuse and exploit non-human animals; and to emphasis the importance of recognizing the freedom and justice due to non-human animals. Programs include activities such as:

Ongoing Vegan Outreach: Vegan outreach is a mainstay of NARN's efforts, as being vegan is one of the easiest, most direct, and most comprehensive ways to eliminate the widespread abuse of animals. Outreach efforts go on year-round, at numerous events such as farmers' markets, public forums, and speaker tours. NARN volunteers annually distribute thousands of leaflets educating the public about the atrocities committed on animals raised for food and other abusive animal industries. NARN also hosts events such as film screenings, educational seminars, and social gatherings that focus on the benefits of veganism.

Vegan Mentor Program: The Vegan Mentor Program is a campaign to ensure those who wish to adopt a lifestyle of compassion have the necessary long-term support and guidance from others, with the necessary resources, teaching, and counseling for a positive lifelong path that affirms the life of all beings.

Letter Writing: Writing letters is one of the easiest activities a vegan can do to make change in the world. NARN hosts monthly letter writing events where people come together to write letters for a variety of purposes: opposition to the creation of new animal laboratories, support for sending animals to sanctuary, promotion of vegan events and issues through letters to the media, and raising the spirits of activists and comrades who have been jailed for their pro-animal actions.

Collaboration: Through our education and service, we work within our local, regional and global community to make a positive impact. We work with other like-minded groups, organizations, companies, and individuals to provide both strength of community and of unified support. Support and service to community is of paramount importance to achieve change.