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The Cascade Giving Garden
The Cascade Giving Garden will revitalize and expand the Cascade People's Center grounds and existing P-patch giving gardens on Cascade Playground property. Revitalization and expansion includes building garden beds, creating healthy soil, engaging with community groups and neighbors, and donating thousands of pounds of produce each year directly to neighborhood residents and the emergency food system.

King County Search Dogs
Lost and FOUND! KCSD finds and aids people in distress. We provide critical help in rugged forests, busy residential and commercial neighborhoods and natural disasters. Our volunteers have been on call 24/7, 365 days a year for over 20 years to find missing persons such as hikers or Alzheimers patients. Dogs undergo years of training to rigorous national standards in airscent, trailing, avalanche, disaster, and cadaver work. KCSD also works to promote personal safety in the wilderness.

We are a non-profit empowering people with disabilities to live extraordinary lives.

Virginia Mason Foundation
Virginia Mason's mission is to improve the health and well-being of the patients we serve.

Shoreline Public Schools Foundation
The Shoreline Public Schools Foundation raises funds to support academic excellence and expanded learning opportunities for all students in the Shoreline School District.

Parkview Services
Parkview Services creates inclusive housing solutions that promote stability, opportunity and community.

American Parkinson Disease Association
Every day we provide the support, education and research that will help everyone impacted by Parkinson's disease live life to the fullest.

Tacoma Art Museum
Connecting people through art. Tacoma Art Museum serves the diverse communities of the Northwest through its collection, exhibitions, and learning programs, emphasizing art and artists from the Northwest and broader western region.

Washington Water Trust
Washington Water Trust's (WWT) mission is to keep a healthy supply of water flowing in our state's rivers and streams year-round. So, fish, agriculture, businesses and wildlife-upon which we all depend-can thrive.

Puget Sound Regional Services
Our mission is to provide long term, community-based services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

League of Women Voters Education Fund
The LWVWA Education Fund is dedicated to strengthening the public's knowledge of government in Washington State. The Education Fund sponsors and supports nonpartisan educational projects that help people better understand major public policy issues and become active and informed participants in their communities and in their government.

Roberto Carcelen Foundation
The mission at the Roberto Carcelen Foundation is to assist under-served youth to achieve success through the teachings of coding and programming. Our goal is that through this instruction we foster in them curiosity in high demand STEM careers and help change their lives and the immediate community they live in.

Peace Winds America
Peace Winds strengthens response to natural disasters and to man-made emergencies throughout the world. Through immediate relief and long-term recovery, Peace Winds aids nations and communities in response to disasters and crises. Peace Winds connects governments, militaries, NGOs, and donors to bring resources to disaster victims, refugees, and affected communities.

Young Shakespeare Workshop
Young Shakespeare Workshop's mission is to give all youth the opportunity and skill to fall in love with words and to celebrate the power of the human voice to illuminate experience.

The Big-Brained Superheroes Club
On a mission to tap into the hidden strengths that all young people have through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM), The Big-Brained Superheroes Club (The BBSC) at Yesler Community Center is, at its core, about community coming together to create.