Nonprofit Assistance Center

NAC's mission is to build the capacity of individuals and organizations to serve and transform communities.

We work primarily with low income communities of color and refugee and immigrant communities in the Puget Sound region that face significant economic, educational, health, and social disparities. Through partnering with communities, funders, and policy-makers, NAC changes these systemic conditions, thereby enabling community voices to impact institutions and shape their future.

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Address: 3642 33rd Ave S Suite C4
Seattle, WA 98144
Phone Number: 206-324-5850
EIN: 93-1282686
NAC builds strong communities by strengthening the organizations and leadership within them.

The Nonprofit Assistance Center (NAC) is a people of color-led organization that lifts up marginalized communities through organizational capacity building, leadership development, and systems change. We believe that a just and equitable world is one in which all can thrive and participate in shaping our collective future. By investing in the community organizations and leaders - we unlock the potential each community can bring to tomorrow.