Na'ah Illahee Fund

Na'ah Illahee Fund is a community-based organization whose mission is to support and promote the leadership of Native American women and girls in the ongoing regeneration of Northwest Native communities.

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Address: 6512 23rd Ave NW, Suite 301
Seattle, WA 98117
Phone Number: 206-784-0818
EIN: 05-0630992
Na'ah Illahee Fund enjoys an engaged Board of Directors of esteemed community leaders; committed individual and foundation donors; broad networks of Native American individuals, families and women and girl participants; and lots of volunteers who support the work of the nonprofit organization to succeed in its important mission.
We believe that Native women are at the heart of Native communities and that our vision, our initiatives and our perseverance should be supported with resources. We seek transformative change at the community level through supporting Native women's traditional models of leadership and organizing. We believe that stronger Native women leaders can determine their own priorities for the future and can protect our Mother Earth more effectively. We provide capacity building support and funding to indigenous women-led organizations, youth training, and environmental justice programming that helps advance sustainable Indigenous cultures. We are teachers and learners, grantmakers and conveners, committed to remembering and revitalizing a respectful way of living through the application and practice of traditional knowledge. Our unique value and contribution comes from the diversity within our group- our ages, tribal affiliations, and experiential knowledge. Our Vision is one of a strong network of Native women and girl leaders with the skills, knowledge, commitment and resources to affect positive social change, address the violence against women, girls and earth, and build a strong citizenry with the knowledge and desire to advance sustainability-living in balance with the natural world.