Mirror Stage

The mission of Mirror Stage is to use the power of theatre to challenge assumptions, bias and prejudice, while encouraging more thoughtful reflection on today's issues.

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Website: http://mirrorstage.org
Address: 2212 Queen Anne Ave N #294
Seattle, WA 98109-2312
Email: info@mirrorstage.org
Phone Number: 206-686-2792
EIN: 91-2145441
Theatre That Gets People Talking, Mirror Stage is a small professional theatre based in Seattle that reflects the diversity of our community on stage in high-quality, progressive, thought-provoking productions that play it smart without always playing it safe. We nurture unique artistic voices while providing opportunities for newly-emerging artists to work alongside more seasoned professionals. With the goal of increasing empathy, Mirror Stage opens doors to new ways of seeing and thinking-entertaining while enlightening, and bringing us to a place of common understanding.

Performance offers unique ways of knowing that can challenge entrenched paradigms, contribute to pluralism and expand the range of meaningful action. Mirror Stage's innovative staged reading series have been engaging the community in examining and discussing topical issues from different perspectives since 2004. Presented without costumes or sets, the emphasis on the text encourages audiences to create their own imagined world inhabited by the play's characters, increasing empathy and expanding awareness. Following every performance, a moderated discussion with the audience and artists explores the issues raised in more depth.

By providing post-play discussions which are both interactive and educational, Mirror Stage creates the opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of the complexity of contemporary issues-such as racism, war, sexism in the workplace, capital punishment, immigration, the challenges faced by veterans returning stateside, environmentalism, religious intolerance, media images and body perception-and the far-reaching impact on the lives of us all. Mirror Stage has presented 54 Feed Your Mind readings since 2004; the Expand Upon series launches in October 2017 with two brand new, locally grown theatre pieces responding to the theme Institutional Racism by Seattle playwrights Rachel Atkins and SeaYoung Yim using the same multi-generational, multi-racial cast.

For more than 15 years, Mirror Stage has featured a broad range of actors, including African Americans, Asian Americans (both South and East Asians), Latino/Hispanics, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders, as well as white actors. More than 40 percent of the actors featured in Mirror Stage productions have been people of color--some, but not all, in ethnically specific stories and roles. Mirror Stage invites a larger population to see themselves and their stories represented onstage, instead of being excluded or ignored, affirming a broader range of experiences.