Medieval Women's Choir

The Medieval Women's Choir illuminates the Medieval world by celebrating the vitality of its rare and beautiful music. We offer all Seattle area women the opportunity to grow as singers by sharing these ancient masterworks in high-quality performances. We envision a future where the beautiful and transporting musical repertoire of the Middle Ages is more broadly available to the community.

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Address:PO box 19403
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone Number:206-264-4822
The Medieval Women's Choir would like to recognize the artistic leadership that makes our organization possible.

Eric Mentzel, Artistic Director
Marian Seibert, Rehearsal Director

We would also like to recognize our board of directors for their dedicated contributions.

Matt Tracy, President
Carol Martin, Vice-President
Wendy Raskind, Secretary
Amber Knox, Treasurer
Joyce Brewster, Member
Goodwin Deacon, Member
The Medieval Women's Choir is one of the only non-professional choirs in the United States to specialize in medieval repertoire. The music we sing has its roots in Europe and we perform repertoire with instrumentalists on period instruments, as well as vocal soloists. We are a warm and welcoming group of women of all ages and walks of life who nurture a friendly and supportive environment for singers at any level. The Medieval Women's Choir is open to all women in the Seattle area interested in studying and performing medieval music.

Few cities in the United States have a resident ensemble dedicated to the performance of medieval music. Major cities may get a chance to hear medieval music once a year, if that, usually performed by a touring ensemble. The concerts and public outreach of the Medieval Women's Choir give medieval music a far higher profile in Seattle, and provide a musical home for lovers of medieval music from across the region.

Dispense with any preconceived notions about medieval costumes, reenactments, or elaborate theatrics. The clarity of the music and its distinctive sonorities are the star of every Medieval Women's Choir performance. Here, individual voices join together to create a rich musical community, united in the pursuit of expression and beauty. The Medieval Women's Choir performs in many languages, often with period dialects and pronunciations. While you may not understand the individual words, the direct intensity of the music never fails to convey the overall meaning, and translations are provided should audience members wish to follow along or explore the texts further.