Math Adventure

Through Math Adventure's math puzzle/theater events, we help kids feel the thrill of learning in a friendly, non-competitive environment, fostering a love of problem-solving, math, and the arts which will - we hope - last a lifetime. We're changing the emotional connection that kids and their parents have with math, from anxiety to fun.

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Address: 3203 106 Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone Number: 425-503-3698
EIN: 90-0997287
Math Adventure events uniquely blend puzzles, math, the arts, and learning into a single night of non-competitive, theme-based excitement and teamwork for elementary schools in the Seattle area. While most events so far are funded by parents at schools via ticket sales, donations help us to bring these events to schools and kids who most need positive exposure to math, helping those communities build programs that help their students thrive.

Using the grade-level math they're already learning at school, kids work in teams of four to solve math problems, unlocking clues at each step that lead to the big finale. Kids who participate bring their excitement for learning and problem-solving back with them to their school.

Each event has a theme, some featuring iconic dramas - The Odyssey, King Arthur - while others focus on original narratives. All are acted out by our staff and the school's volunteers, so that kids feel completely immersed in the theme for the whole event.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that kids who have one night of Math Adventure experience change how they feel about math - they see it as a tool that helps them achieve their goals, rather than a chore that might bring anxiety or stress.