Live Girls! Theater

Live Girls! is a Seattle based theater company dedicated to supporting new works by women since 1999.

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Address: c/o Shunpike 220 2nd Ave S, Suite 102
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone Number: 206-683-6983
EIN: 91-2138554
Live Girls! is supported by 4 Culture and the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs.
We are an affiliated program of Shunpike and current producing partners with Theatre Off Jackson.
In the past several years we have partnered with ACTLab, The ACT YPP program, Annex, The Pocket Theatre and Rain City Projects to highlight new work by women in theater.
Live Girls! challenges the current under representation of women in theater by:
* Empowering women artists to be leaders and create their own opportunities
* Providing the public with opportunities to see plays by women
* Advocating for female playwrights and their work in the theater community
* Creating exciting events that entertain our audiences, and provoke responses.