LEV Foundation

The League of Education Voters (LEV) provides strategic, accurate, and timely information to citizens, educators, policymakers, and the media; highlights research-driven educational practices that prepare all students to reach their full potential; and advocates for reforms and revenue to implement the research-based practices in Washington.

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Address:2734 Westlake Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone Number:206-728-6448
Our vision is that every student in Washington state has access to an excellent public education that provides the opportunity for success.

We imagine our state in which all of our kids has the ability to receive an excellent public education. As a leading state-wide organization advocating for public education, LEV takes a community-led, integrated approach to achieve our goals.

The League of Education Voters:
1) Listens to community members to hear their vision for public education
2) Develops policy based on community feedback and data-drive research
3) Amplifies the voices of community members to influence their legislators
4) Informs and trains community members on how to get involved

After listening to community members just like you, LEV has identified the need to advocate that all students have great teachers. Data consistently shows that great teachers, a.k.a. caring adults, makes the biggest difference in the classroom for students. LEV is advocating for increased support for those in such a pivotal role for our kids.

Together, we can advocate for great teachers for our kids. Will you join us?