Lake Washington Girls Middle School

Lake Washington Girls Middle School prepares girls to be confident young women, strong in mind, body, and voice. Our school values diversity and promotes personal and social responsibility. Students, teachers, and families are active partners in creating a challenging academic environment, fostering independent thinking, and instilling a life long love of learning.

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Address:810 18th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122
Phone Number:206-709-3800
Lake Washington Girls Middle School, Seattle's first middle school for girls, is located in Central Seattle, is a place where girls explore, experiment, discover, create, and learn about themselves and the world around them. Since 1998, LWGMS has challenged its students with high standards and helped every LWGMS girl find the tools she needs to succeed. Here, girls are empowered to think critically, develop leadership, and enjoy learning through an integrated curriculum that has proven to prepare girls for success in high school honors and college preparation courses.

Our students are learning to use tools that will serve them well: hand tools, power tools, digital tools, and the tools of their own strong voices. They work with computing platforms alongside hammers and saws and sewing machines. They take apart computers and build their own. They are making films, allowing them to own and create media in a way that no generation before them could do. More importantly, they are learning that they have the power to solve problems, to innovate, and to invent. And that is really what we are teaching them: to find solutions, to overcome obstacles. We are teaching them that struggle and failure are normal - and that effort is a crucial part of eventual success.

The creative confidence the girls attain while they are at Lake Washington Girls Middle School completely translates beyond any classroom.