With local roots and a global reach, Hedgebrook supports visionary women writers whose stories and ideas shape our culture now and for generations to come.

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Website: http://www.hedgebrook.org
Address: 216 1st Ave S Ste 251
Seattle, WA 98104-2586
Email: kurij@hedgebrook.org
Phone Number: 206-325-6773
EIN: 80-0012629
As Hedgebrook has evolved over the last 30 years since our founding, we have served increasingly higher percentages of women of color, with our most recent 2016 and 2017 data showing writers awarded residencies at Hedgebrook were 80% women of color, and 30% first or second generation immigrants to America, from 16 different countries of origin. Domestically, our writers came to us from 21 states across our nation.

Hedgebrook is a melting pot of cultures, religions, sexual persuasions, ages, abilities, and gender identities. The writing borne at Hedgebrook upholds a vision of a more tolerant and unified world.

As Gloria Steinem puts it, "It has always been crucial that Hedgebrook put women's voices - marginalized for so long and at such cost to the truth - in the center of the human narrative, but in this dangerous time, I think it may be literally lifesaving. We've been sitting around campfires for millennia, telling stories, so our minds are organized by narrative, not facts or statistics. Only stories help us to break through old roles that normalize domination, and Hedgebrook is a global campfire." -12/10/16

Topics being written about at Hedgebrook, and in turn spoken about, performed, and screened in our community this past year include:

*Inner city violence in America
*Rights of incarcerated women prisoners
*Poverty, health, and homelessnes
*Ethics of the pharmaceutical industry
*Raising a child with autism and ADHD
*Highway construction dividing a Latino community
*Cross-cultural adoption
*Addiction and mental illness
*Race and class in America
*Lesbian and gender queer identity
*Growing up Chinese American
*Native American women's empowerment
*Growing old and staying engaged
*Culture, history, and language of Indigenous Maya women
*Police violence against African Americans
*The spread of AIDS
*Learning from radioactive fallout in the Ukraine
*Women's rights in the Middle East
*Family history and slavery
*Political strife in Cambodia
*Environmental stress on bees

100% of all Give Big donations will go to direct program service, in support of Hedgebrook's four key 'Raising Marginalized Voices' programs, as described below:

*Writers in Residence - Hedgebrook's Writers in Residence program invites women writers to Hedgebrook's retreat on Whidbey Island for no-cost residencies from two to six weeks. Writers experience the highest level of support for their bodies, minds, and spirits. While in residence, writers stay in one of six cottages, where they are given the gift of time and space to write. Each evening they share a communal meal together with other writers, who span various genres of work, and come from all across the nation and the globe.

*Women In Film - This past year, this program served all women of color emerging screenwriters, and connected them with experienced mentors and industry partners who can holistically support their work from concept to screen.

*Young Women Empowered Writing Camp (Y-WE) - This program serves teens ages 13-18, 60% of whom are first or second generation immigrants, 80% persons of color, and 90% of whom are from low-income backgrounds. Ethnicities and cultures of Y-WE girls include: African, African American, Blackfoot, Caribbean, Caucasian, Cherokee, Colombian, Cuban, Ethiopian, Filipino, Hispanic, Laotian, Latina, Mixed, Native American, Oromo, Puerto Rican, Somali, Thai, and Vietnamese.

*Weekend Workshop Fellowship Program - Serving 16 low-income women with a three day writing residency, Hedgebrook alumnae mentorship, peer support, and ongoing networking connections from our vast and diverse community of Hedgebrook alumnae and supporters.
We are grateful to our supporters, including: Amazon, ARTemis Arts, Ben Bridge Jewelers, BNY Mellon, Caffe Vita, glassybaby, City of Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, 4Culture, Vitality Foundation, T.E.W Foundation, Petunia Foundation, The Saratoga Charitable Foundation, The Knossos Foundation, The Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation, HUMANITAS, Women's Funding Alliance, The Seattle Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts.