HeadStrong provides support and hosts social outings for children, teens, and young adults living with brain injury and their families; educates about brain injury; and advocates for prevention and recovery support.

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Website: http://www.headstrongforlife.org
Address: 3518 Fremont Ave N #289
Seattle, WA 98103-8814
Email: info@headstrongforlife.org
Phone Number: 360-220-1422
EIN: 26-1375896
We are very grateful to our community partners and contributors:
Harborview Medical Center Pediatric ICU
Seattle Children's Hospital
Outdoors for All
University of Puget Sound
Brother's Henderson Dussault Law
Seattle Aquarium
Fred Meyers

HeadStrong is a 501(c) 3 organization serving youth and young adults living with brain injury and their families. HeadStrong collaborates with Harborview Medical Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital to outreach to families within the first critical days of their child’s injury. We have established relationships with other brain injury organizations, state agencies, universities, rehabilitation services, and public and private entities to access services for youth, young adults, and families through the years of recovery and reintegration.

HeadStrong carries out our mission with three key programs: Outreach, Social Outings, and Trainings & Presentations. We conduct outreach with Harborview Medical Center and Seattle Children's Hospital. We partner with Outdoors for All to host adaptive ski/snowboarding, biking, climbing, and kayaking events for youth and families living with brain injury to help social reintegration. We also host BBQs, swim parties, bowling, music concerts, NW Trek, Seattle Science Center, and other great outings in the Seattle area. We co-host the Seattle Children's Pediatric Brain Injury Support Group. HeadStrong collaborates with University of Puget Sound, BIAWA, BEST, Seattle Brainworks and others to lead special skills trainings for caregivers and support people for youth living with brain injury. HeadStrong presents at numerous conferences and venues for professionals and others working with youth with brain injury, including the Washington State TBI Conference where we will be leading two presentations in April 2017.