Global Partnerships

Global Partnerships is a nonprofit impact investor whose mission is to expand opportunity for people living in poverty. We invest in social enterprises that empower people to earn a living, save time and money, care for their families and improve their lives. Over the last 24 years, Global Partnerships has impacted 8.9 million lives as a result of our impact-led investments in 118 partners in 19 countries across Latin America, the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa.

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Address: 1932 1st Avenue Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98101-2442
Phone Number: 206-652-8773
EIN: 82-0574491
Your gift funds Global Partnerships' work to identify and invest in the most effective innovations to poverty alleviation. Philanthropy helps us hone in and measure social impact so we can continually improve and maximize our impact.

Our partners are cooperatives, microfinance institutions and social businesses dedicated to delivering high-impact products and services for vulnerable women, men and families who have been trapped in poverty with limited access to opportunities for prosperity. Our impact investments help our partners reach more people in need, expand their critical services, become more sustainable within their communities, and remain dedicated to empowering underserved families to improve their lives.

Global Partnerships unlocks opportunity by providing impoverished people with:
- Economic growth through working capital loans, business education and access to markets
- Clean energy from solar lights and cookstoves
- Improved heath from preventive health education, quality sanitation, and affordable primary care clinics
- Digital study materials to improve access to education

Global Partnerships has dedicated staff located in three offices, including Seattle, WA, USA; Managua, Nicaragua and Nairobi, Kenya.
Global Partnerships Board of Directors:

Maggie Walker, Chair and Board President
Gregg Johnson, Vice President and Secretary
Mike Galgon, Treasurer
Bill Clapp
Paula Clapp
Kurt DelBene
Walter Euyang
Curtis B. Fraser
Enrique Godreau III
Bert Green
Tessa Keating
Carla Lewis
Matthew McBrady
H. Stewart Parker
Rosario Pérez
Bill Richter
Jane Stonecipher
Robert B. Van Cleve