Friends of Cooper Island

Friends of Cooper Island is a Seattle-based nonprofit supporting a four-decade study of an Arctic seabird's response to rapid warming and resulting changes in snow and sea ice in northern Alaska. Our observations inform the public, media and scientific community of the reality of global warming and its current and anticipated impact on humans and the earth's ecosystems. Donor-supported studies are all the more important in 2017 as government-funded climate change research is threatened.

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Address: 652 32nd Ave East
Seattle, WA 98112
Phone Number: 206-992-6710
EIN: 75-3064314
Friends of Cooper Island's 42 years of observations of an Arctic seabird and ecosystem responding to warming atmospheric temperatures provided some of the first evidence of the reality of climate change and its effects. We maintain a remote field research camp for three months each summer and an active outreach and education program. Our work has received national and international media attention, with a cover story in the New York Times Magazine, appearances on the David Letterman show and ABC Nightline and inclusion in a climate change play, Greenland, staged by the Royal National Theatre in London. We regularly give talks to groups, primary schools and universities in King County and other locations in western Washington. We have developed study plans for elementary school students, teaching how seabirds and polar bears are affected by the warming of the Arctic, that are used in a number of King County schools and elsewhere.