Friends of the Animals Foundation

Our mission is to foster greater compassion for animals by example and through education.

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Address: PO Box 16308
Seattle, WA 98116-0308
Phone Number: 206-719-4864
EIN: 91-1853116
Purpose Description: To provide rescue, care, and rehoming of stray and unwanted cats and kittens. To also assist with medical care for feral cats and cats of people on fixed incomes.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to foster greater compassion for animals by example and through education.

Our primary goals are:
1) To reduce the number of animals abandoned, homeless, or killed until they all have a loving forever home.

2) To educate the community by providing information concerning
• The right of animals to a life free of abuse or neglect
• The resources that are available to those with a limited income
• Volunteer opportunities to rescue, care for, and foster pets
• The sad realities of failing to spay/neuter pets, and the plight of shelters
• The steps to take BEFORE bringing a pet into your life
With your help in 2017, we were able to find homes for 108 cats and kittens! 16% of the adoptions were adult cats, some were older or with medical issues. In addition to finding homes, we were able to spay/neuter many feral cats and cats of people living on fixed incomes or without permanent housing…and we were also able to keep many of them fed and sheltered.

To our volunteers-fostering, cleaning cages, helping at adoption events, maintaining our website/social media, donating supplies/money, and hanging out with Santa-THANK YOU so much for all that you do.

We are also extremely grateful for our partners- Petco - West Seattle, Mud Bay Uptown, Mud Bay Burien, and Mud Bay at Thomas-for housing our cats, letting us hold adoption events, and their generosity with reaching out to us as Giving Tree recipients. We are also very fortunate to be part of many employee matching programs.

The list could go on...

It is often difficult, messy, emotional work that we do, yet as we closed 2017 with so many fond memories, we know that the work will-and must-go on. We are so very grateful for your ongoing support to make what we do possible!