Folio: The Seattle Athenaeum

Folio is a gathering place for books and the people who love them. Folio offers circulating collections of fine books, vibrant conversations, innovative public programs, and quiet, conducive reading rooms, work spaces and meeting rooms. It serves the region's creative community by being an incubator for new ideas.

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Address: 314 Marion St
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone Number: 206-402-4162
EIN: 47-2486862
Inspired by the country's earliest libraries, often called athenaeums, Folio provides access to hitherto private book collections that have been donated, and a home for reading, writing, dialogue and learning. Public programming includes book-based discussions, readings, presentations of book arts and rare volumes, and musical, cultural and civic events. Folio's rooms are also available to many other nonprofit groups needing attractive, affordable, downtown venue space.

Folio: The Seattle Athenaeum was founded as a member-supported, nonprofit Washington corporation in 2014. For its first three years, Folio has been housed in historic, landmarked rooms at the Downtown YMCA. This June, Folio will be moving to a new location in the Economy Market of the Pike Place Market, where it will be able to increase its public programming, partnerships, and meeting spaces.

Your GiveBig contributions will go towards moving expenses, new furnishings, the development of an off-site warehouse space (to accommodate the flood of fine donated books), the purchase of newly published books and upgrading computers for staff and users.
David Brewster, President
Jeff Long, Secretary
Tom Lombardo, Treasurer
Gary Ackerman
Katherine Alberg Anderson
Mary Ann Gwinn
Mort Kondracke
Robert Merry
Margit Rankin

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Katherine Alberg Anderson
Tom Alberg
Gary & Barbara Ames
Brad & Sally Bagshaw
Alan Black
Gordon Bowker
David & Joyce Brewster
Diana & Linda Carey
Steve & Judith Clifford
Sue Donaldson
Mary Ann Gwinn & Steve Dunnington
Mort & Marguerite Kondracke
Gar LaSalle
Thomas & Julie Lombardo
Jeffrey & Jennifer Long
Doug MacDonald & Lynda Mapes
Robert & Sue Merry
William Neukom
Clint and Maggie Pehrson
Doug & Katherine Raff
Margit and Ben Rankin
Jill Ruckelshaus
Francia Russell & Kent Stowell
Maria Semple
Greggar Sletteland
Douglas Smith & Stephanie Ellis-Smith
Garth & Andrea Stein
C.D. Stimson Co.
Charles Wright
Martha Wyckoff & Jerry Tone