Evoke Productions

Evoke Productions' mission is to provide opportunities and venues for talented dancers and choreographers to present their passion for contemporary dance in the Seattle area.

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Address:c/o Shunpike 220 2nd Ave S Ste 102
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone Number:206-714-7115
Evoke Productions, a producing entity formed in 2006, organizes an annual dance concert, Full Tilt, a performance of quality contemporary dance that provides collaborative relationships with local choreographers and performance opportunities for many local dancers.  Evoke allows for audiences to come to one place to see inventive, diverse, live choreographic endeavors with talented, passionate dancers performing these works who would likely otherwise not have the chance to work with these choreographers.  Our choreographers appreciate the ability to find new dancers to connect with and collaborate with and dancers, who otherwise are having a difficult time breaking the the fold, are able to enjoy new opportunities and forge new relationships.  Evoke creates paid work for local choreographers and brings dancers and dance makers together and gives the Seattle community an opportunity to see a variety of high quality dance works of varying styles (modern, hip hop, jazz).  Evoke Productions is also increasing their audience base by participating in benefits and festivals such as the Shorecrest High School Dance Team Benefit performance, Physical Poetry, and the Bellevue Arts Fair.