Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association

DNDA activates growth in the Delridge Corridor by providing access to vital resources for our neighbors. These resources include Affordable Housing, Arts & Culture, Education, Greenspace Preservation, and Affordable Healthy Foods.

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Address: 4408 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, WA 98106
Phone Number: 206-935-2999
EIN: 91-1741016
Since 1996, the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA) has been driving positive community change throughout the Delridge corridor of West Seattle.

DNDA prioritizes work with individuals and groups committed to looking at community issues through a racial equity and/or social justice lens, as we work together to support the interests and priorities of disadvantaged populations from Delridge and throughout the region.
DNDA is a multi-service neighborhood organization providing low-income housing at seven properties, including three mixed use properties. At the West Seattle Community Resource Center, the West Seattle Food Bank hosts close to 40,000 visits per year for the provision of food, baby items, and other basic services to those in need. At Brandon Court, DNDA created a home for the Delridge branch of Seattle Public Library and also currently houses a bilingual preschool.

At the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, DNDA provides affordable artist housing, below market office space to other nonprofits (Arts Corps, Nature Consortium, the Service Board, Reel Grrls, Totem Star, 12th Night Productions, SW Interagency Academy, and the West Seattle Tool Library), and makes space available to the general public for workshops, classes, meetings, rehearsals, performances, and celebrations. Rentable spaces at Youngstown include the Theater, Movement Studio, Recording Studio, Kitchen, and several classroom spaces.