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We hope you are as excited as we are about GiveBIG Seattle 2017! To help you get ready, we've provided some helpful information below. The success of GiveBIG depends on getting the word out to our community with creative, consistent and effective messaging. Just as it's important to maintain a clear, consistent voice for our messaging, it is important to use all logos and graphical elements properly. Please review the brand guidelines prior to downloading any of the below assets.

Brand Guidelines

Dropbox of assets

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Banner Ads
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Key Dates and Details

Logo Assets

GiveBIG full color logo (JPEG,PNG,EPS,PDF,AI)

GiveBIG 2 color logo (JPEG,PNG,EPS,PDF,AI)

GiveBIG secondary color logo (JPEG,PNG,EPS,PDF,AI)

GiveBIG grayscale logo (JPEG,PNG,EPS,PDF,AI)

GiveBIG reverse white logo (JPEG,PNG,EPS,PDF,AI)

GiveBIG logo icon (JPEG,PNG,EPS,PDF,AI)

GiveBIG logo icon hearts (JPEG,PNG,EPS,PDF,AI)

Street Team Materials:

A-Frames (PDF, AI)

Stickers (PDF, AI)

"I GaveBIG today because..." unselfie template (JPGAI)

Instagram frame (PDFAI)

Banner ad, standard, 160 X 600 (JPEG)

Banner ad, standard, 300 X 50 (JPEG)

Banner ad, standard, 300 X 60 (JPEG)

Banner ad, standard, 300 X 250 (JPEG)

Banner ad, standard, 300 X 600 (JPEG)

Banner ad, standard, 320 X 50 (JPEG)

Banner ad, standard, 480 X 60 (JPEG)

Banner ad, standard, 728 X 90 (JPEG)

Banner ad, custom, 160 X 600 (JPEG,PSD)

Banner ad, custom, 300 X 250 (JPEG,PSD)

Banner ad, custom, 728 X 90 (JPEG,PSD)


Facebook cover photo (JPEG-- PSD format available upon request)

Social profile photo 1 (JPEG, PSD)

Social profile photo 2 (JPEG,PSD)

Social sharing sticker, "IGaveBig today!" (JPEG)

Web Photo, 16 X 9, Option 1 (JPEG)

Web Photo, 16 X 9, Option 2 (JPEG)

"I GaveBIG today because..." unselfie template (JPEG, PSD)

Email Newsletter Templates

Email Newsletter Template, Option 1 (JPEG,PDF,PSD)

Email Newsletter Template, Option 2 (JPEG,PDF,PSD)

Additional copy options (PDF)

Poster Templates

Poster Template, Option 1 (JPEG,PNG, PPT,PDF,AI --PSD and EPS files available upon request)

Poster Template, Option 2 (JPEG,PNG,PPT,PDF,AI --PSD and EPS files available upon request)

Poster Template, Option 3 (JPEG)

Marketing Training Opportunities

Making the Most of GiveBIG, hosted by Seattle Foundation in partnership with The Ostara Group, focused on getting the most out of your organization's participation in GiveBIG. The workshop was led by Ostara Senior Consultant and individual giving expert, Ariel Glassman. Click here to view the presentation slides from Making the Most of GiveBIG and learn tips on elevating your campaign strategy, leveraging the 1:1 matching gift structure and creating donor communications that stand out in the crowd.

In addition, The Seattle Times hosted two digital workshops that were focused on digital media campaign planning. Tips on finding and securing matching funds was presented by Seattle Foundation's Director of Marketing, Babs Pinette. PowerPoint presentation slides are available for review here. The presentation on securing matching funds is available here.

Tips on Securing Matching Funds

Key Details

-GiveBIG is Wednesday, May 10 from midnight to midnight (Pacific Time)

-The theme is Now More Than Ever.


-Hashtag: #GiveBIG

Key Dates

-Wednesday, April 12: Last day to make any profile changes (excluding matching funds)

-Wednesday, April 26: Last day to update matching funds

-Thursday, April 27: Early giving begins. First day donors can schedule a donation.

-Wednesday, May 10: GiveBIG

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