We hope you are as excited as we are about GIVEBIG Seattle 2018! To help you get ready, we've provided some helpful information below. The success of GIVEBIG depends on getting the word out to our community with creative, consistent and effective messaging. Just as it's important to maintain a clear, consistent voice for our messaging, it is important to use all logos and graphical elements properly. Please review the brand guidelines prior to downloading any of the below assets.

Brand Guidelines

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Logo Assets

GIVEBIG full color logo (JPEG,PNG,EPS,PDF,AI)


GIVEBIG secondary color logo (JPEG,PNG,EPS,PDF,AI)

GIVEBIG grayscale logo (JPEG,PNG,EPS,PDF,AI)

GIVEBIG reverse white logo (JPEG,PNG,EPS,PDF,AI)

GIVEBIG logo icon date (JPEG- Tiny, JPEG- Med, JPEG- LargePNG, EPS, PDF, AI)

GIVEBIG logo icon hearts (JPEG,PNG,EPS,PDF,AI)

GIVEBIG logo lock-up (JPEG, PNG, EPS, PDF, AI)

Banner ad, standard, 160 X 600 (JPEG, PSD)

Banner ad, standard, 300 X 50 (JPEG, PSD)

Banner ad, standard, 300 X 60 (JPEG, PSD)

Banner ad, standard, 300 X 250 (JPEG. PSD)

Banner ad, standard, 300 X 600 (JPEG, PSD)

Banner ad, standard, 320 X 50 (JPEG, PSD)

Banner ad, standard, 480 X 60 (JPEG, PSD)

Banner ad, standard, 728 X 90 (JPEG, PSD)

Banner ad, custom  300 X 60 (JPEG, PSD)

Banner ad, custom, 160 X 600 (JPEG, PSD)

Banner ad, custom, 300 X 600 (JPEG, PSD)

Banner ad, custom, 300 X 250 (JPEG, PSD)

Banner ad, custom, 728 X 90 (JPEG, PSD)


Facebook cover photo (JPEG- PSD format available upon request)

Instagram Photo (JPEG, PSD)

Instagram Profile Pic (JPEG, PSD)

Twitter Header (JPEG, PSD)

Social profile photo 1 (JPEG, PSD)

Social profile photo 2 (JPEG, PSD)

Web Photo, circle (PNG, PSD)

Web Photo, option 1 (PNG, PSD)

Web Photo, option 2 (JPG, PSD

Poster Templates

Poster Template, option 1 (JPEG, PNG, PPT, PDF, AI - PSD and EPS files available upon request)

Poster Template, option 2 (JPEG, PNG, PPT, PDFAI - PSD and EPS files available upon request)

Media Sponsor Opportunities

Seattle Times Giving Guide ad rates

Star 101.5 Opportunities

KING5 Opportunities

Key Details

-GIVEBIG is Wednesday, May 9 from midnight to midnight (Pacific Time)

-The theme is FOR ALL

-URL: GIVEBIGseattle.org

-Hashtag: #GIVEBIG

Not finding what you are looking for? Contact us at givebig@seattlefoundation.org