CITY OPERA BALLET presents professional performances with live orchestra in classical works, contemporary masterpieces and new works by Northwest artists.

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Address: PO box 3704
Bellevue, WA 98009
Phone Number: 425-455-1345
EIN: 91-1278616
CITY OPERA BALLET includes the professional divisions of Ballet Bellevue, Bellevue City Opera and Orchestra Bellevue as well as Ballet Bellevue School which provides free tuition to any student in Section 8 Housing and/or the free school lunch program.
Ballet Bellevue School was founded as Ballet Arts Center in downtown Bellevue by Carolyn Gracey Greer in 1963. From the children's ballet company, Ballet Petit (founded in 1984 by Don and Helena Snyder), Ballet Bellevue evolved as a professional ballet company in 1995 under the direction of Ronn Tice. Following the demise of the Bellevue Philharmonic Orchestra and the inability of several Bellevue opera organizations to survive, Ballet Bellevue has been inspired by the model of the Paris Opera Ballet to expand as CITY OPERA BALLET to include professional ballet, opera and orchestra under the same direction. With the outstanding leadership of Philip Tschopp as Music Director/Conductor as well as Jennifer Porter as Resident Choreographer for contemporary works and choreographers of classical works and early dance (Sayoko Knode, Christina Stockdale and Anna Mansbridge) Firebird and the award-winning work ( "It's Only An Orange's Vest"), Handel's Messiah (Knode), Nutcracker (Stockdale), and The Fairy Queen (Mansbridge) show the high standard of quality that can be expected from CITY OPERA BALLET.