City Fruit

Seattle has one of the most extensive networks of urban fruit trees in the country. City Fruit puts this urban orchard to its best and fullest use so that everyone in our community shares in the value of fruit. During the Harvest, we work with the community to collect tens of thousands of pounds of fruit, sharing the vast majority of it with community partners across the city.

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Address: 3417 Evanston Ave N, #210
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone Number: 206-850-8481
EIN: 80-0579830
In many ways, our work is beautifully simple - harvest fruit and share it - but as we have grown deeper in our work, we have realized that this simple act can actually transform a community. That's why, THIS harvest, we are doubling down on our commitment to ensure that our city's fruit trees are accessible to even more people, starting with our youngest neighbors.

This year City Fruit will connect hundreds of low-income students to the value of our urban orchard so that they can experience first-hand the power of our local environment; develop stronger relationships with local fruit and food; and even gain direct access to the green jobs career ladder.

This year we will host up to 20 Harvest Clubs, serving more than 300 students. Harvest Clubs are after-school sessions that offer hands-on and experiential learning for youth across Seattle to connect them to this city's land and local food system. From tree mapping to harvesting and cider pressing to cooking classes, students will learn how our city's fruit trees contribute to a more resilient and sustainable Seattle.

Beginning this summer, our youth program expansion also includes an important and exciting new component - The Harvest Crew, a jobs-training program designed to serve and empower older students. Through the Crew, students will learn skills and receive paid opportunities to support the health and vitality of some of the thousands of fruit trees that make up Seattle's urban fruit tree canopy.

City Fruit board members have pledged a $10,000 match to support the expansion of our 2018 Youth Programs.