Michele Miller/Catapult Dance

Interacting with our community through performances, workshops and lecture/demonstrations, Catapult Dance uses a hybrid of movement forms including dance, martial arts, contact improvisation and physical theater to develop work that allows the audience space to shift their perspective on current social realities, possibly creating room for change, while appreciating the wonders of being alive and human.

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Website: http://www.catapultdance.com
Address: 3517 Stone Way N
Seattle, WA 98103
Email: catapultdance@icloud.com
Phone Number: 206-940-0216
EIN: 91-2138554
Catapult Dance is known for its use of a hybrid of movement forms including modern dance, contact improvisation, martial arts and physical theater. The company utilizes physical experimentation and practiced methods of falling, flying and inversions to create a sensual, kinetic, emotional landscape. The work is a collaboration of choreography by Michele Miller and improvisation of the dancers. Musician Nico Torres plays live at every rehearsal, driving and inspiring the movement.
Catapult Dance was officially formed in 2014, and the company has been highly active in the Seattle dance community since then. In 2014, Catapult performed in Boost Dance Festival, Pianos in the Park, a self-produced evening, modus operandi at Velocity Dance Center, and was commissioned by both Cornish College of the Arts and Bellingham Repertory Dance Company to set work. 2015 was spent creating a new piece, Resistance, as well as performing current work in Dance Festival Northwest and Seattle International Dance Festival. In 2016, Catapult performed in Boost Dance Festival, Chop Shop Bodies of Work, Dance Festival Northwest, held their first Winter Intensive and culminated the year with a self-produced concert at Broadway Performance Hall. In 2017 we went back into the studio to create new work, reset a piece on Bellingham Repertory Dance Company, and hosted our second Winter Intensive, open to the public. On June 29 and 30, and July 6 and 7, 2018 Catapult Dance will present " I Am Not A Small Woman" at the Erickson Theater. We will present a reconstruction of the two earlier works, "I AM the Bully" and "Resistance", and premier our two new pieces "Skin" focusing on the rigidity of gender stereotypes specifically for women, and a new piece currently titled "Dawn" examining the new, powerful movements and hope that has recently emerged in our country in spite of this time of great depression of our morals and values.
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Special thanks to Cognition Studios for all of their design work for Catapult Dance.
Thanks to the dancers and performers involved in Catapult Dance; Rebecca Barney, Becca Blackwell, Danica Bito, Kaitlyn Jane Dye, Gia Falzone Kimberly Holloway, Emma Hreljanovic, Jana Kincl, Philippa Myler, Maya Soto, and our company musician, Nico Tower.